Environmentally Friendly Polished Concrete

Look downwards at the feet, its linoleum, or its tile, no but its polished concrete. One of the eco-friendly flooring choices of the century! Most of the businesses and retail shops are looking out for ‘green’ solutions which are cost effective and hence are discovering the advantages and attractiveness of polished concrete floorings.

Next time if you visit any of your local vendor shop, restaurant, or hospital have a look at the flooring. You might think at first that it is stone, granite, linoleum, or tile but take a closer look and you may be surprised. Concrete flooring can also be customized as well as colored in a range of different shades and colors. Polished concrete floors have many benefits over various other popular floors. They are less expensive and easy to maintain then wood, tile or carpets. Concrete floors can be cleaned just with water and soap, no expensive cleaners are required.

If we are using environmentally friendly terminology, these polished concrete is one the best and sustainable options as it uses materials that is already the part of the structure or the building. Today many buildings are built on the concrete foundation or slab. The unpolished concrete is usually porous, gets chips and cracks easily, and also it is quiet difficult to keep them clean. While once they are polished there surface becomes even, dense, smooth and hard as well. Top layers of polyurea or epoxy can also be added to enhance the floor quality and also add extra colors to decorate the concrete.

Usually the polishing process starts with the repairing of the cracks and the imperfections in the concrete than after that the floor is levelled up. Then the concrete floor is treated with some chemical densifier, and then it is ground with number of grinding wheels as well as polishing pads. Each of the polishing rounds utilizes progressively fine grinding pads that begins typically with 400- 800 grit and ends with 1500-3000 grit pads.

Various design patterns also can be added, giving it a unique look and style. Grids and scoring can even be carved into the floorings giving it a tile affect. Borders and bands can also be created by adding different colors and dyes. Company brands and logos could be affixed to floors and it can be covered with a coat and then get polished.

Besides all these benefits, there are many other advantages that can be attributed to the polished style of a polished concrete floor. Thus concrete flooring is the best choice for flooring today.